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According to a reliable information received by the Tibetan Centre
for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), Jinpa Gyatso, a younger
brother of a Chinese government civil servant Tashi Dhondup
disappeared few days before the latter’s arrest on 12 March 2009.

Jinpa Gyatso, age 25, also hailed from Sum-dho Township, Mangra
County (Ch: Gui nan Xian), Tsolho “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture”
“TAP”, (Ch: Hainan) Qinghai Province. He was a student at a higher
college in Xining city, the provincial capital city of Qinghai Province.

Tashi Dhondup’s wife Rinchen Tso and her five and three years old
daughters were helpless at the face of their family tragedy. Sources
told TCHRD that the provincial authorities have deployed a huge
contingent of armed security forces in Sum-dho Townships, Tharshul
and Gomang Townships under Mangra County. TCHRD also learnt that a
huge numbers of the Chinese security forces and informers in civilian
dress were deployed in the surrounding areas of Mangra County.

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