Tibetan monk disappeared, sister and nephew beaten up in detention

Choki has been disappeared since his arbitrary detention last June

A Tibetan monk named Choekyi, 38, was detained and disappeared at around 5. 30 pm on 19 June 2015 in Wal-shul, Serthar (Ch: Seda) County, Kardze (Ch: Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

A day after his detention and subsequent disappearance, Choekyi’s sister Kyinzom and her son, Drakpa, were detained and kept in police custody for 15 days subjected to interrogation and beatings.

The reason for his detention remains unclear even after more than a month after he was detained. He was a monk at Phugu Monastery in Shosang village, Nyitod Township, Serthar County.

Choki's sister Kyinzom was detained for two weeks by police during which she was subjected to interrogations and beatings

Son of Mr. Sho Kya Nyo and Mrs. Tsering Kyi, Choekyi suffers from poor health and has been taking Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Medical certificate issued to him by doctors from his province indicates that he suffers from complications of liver, stomach and spleen.

Choki's nephew and Kyinzom's son Dakpa was detained for two weeks by police during which he was subjected to interrogations and beatings

Family members and relatives are deeply concerned that he is being denied proper medical care in detention.

TCHRD calls on Chinese authorities to make the whereabouts and condition of Choekyi known to his family and friends without further delay, and provide him with immediate medical care. The reasons for which he was detained should be made public and Choekyi should be allowed immediate and appropriate access to due process of law. TCHRD condemns the arbitrary detention of Kyinzom and Drakpa and calls on the Chinese authorities to account for the beatings and brutal treatment suffered by them in police custody.


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