Principal arrested

The principal of Lhasa Shol School, Drakpa Nyendrak, was reportedly arrested in the first week of July this year for engaging in clandestine pro-Tibetan activities such as drafting slogans and making posters.

PSB (Public Security Bureau) officials reportedly found a Tibetan flag and certain documents, in the principal’s possession after being informed by insiders of his political activities. Drakpa Nyendrak was interrogated over a series of sessions and some other Tibetans, suspected of colluding with Drakpa, were also arrested.

The arrest of six Tibetans during the first week of July, coinciding with the Hong Kong handover and believed to be aimed at stifling potential political unrest, was reported in Human Rights Update, September 15, 1997. The six names received in that report included Dakpa Wengdak, a teacher at the Lhasa Shol primary school, but did not mention Drakpa Nyendrak. This latest report (source protected) also refers to six arrests and it is therefore unclear whether names have been confused or whether more than six arrests were in fact carried out.

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