A monk named Dorjee, aged 19, from Lhatse Choede Monastery in Lhatse County in Shigatse Region, was expelled from the monastery in March-April, 1997. He was expelled from the monastery because he refused to accept the principles laid down by the workteam members in his monastery. As a result he was expelled from the monastery. After his expulsion he went to his home town and made an attempt to visit India in June 1997 but failed because of heavy snowfall. In his second attempt he succeeded and is now currently residing in India.

According to him the workteam came to his monastery in March-April 1997 and stayed for three months. During the re-education session the work team did not distribute any materials but they handed two copies to the head of the monastery. The work-teams conducts clase regularily from 12-3 p.m. and 4.30 – 6 p.m. with an hour and half for lunch break. The monks are not allowed to go out of the monastery during the re-education sessions. In case of urgent matter they have to seek permission from the head of the workteam member. During the re-education session the monks have to answer accordingly to the questions thrown by the workteam members. It can either be answered verbally or in written form. According to the source, he is so far the only monk who was expelled from his monastery.

Certain rules are laid down by the authorities regarding recruitment of new monks. The age limit of admission is from 13-17 yrs. No monks below the age of 13 are admitted. The qualifications to be a monk are Age, County Officials authorisation, Parents consent is not neccessary, should not have any political affiliation, and the monk should not have any relatives in India.

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