Chinese police return ashes of Tibetan man to family

An undated picture of Kunchok Kyap
An undated picture of Kunchok Kyap

A Tibetan father of two who was forcibly taken away by police after his protest self-immolation on 30 November has died at a government hospital in Barkham (Ch: Ma’erkang), capital of Ngaba (Ch: Aba) Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Kunchok Kyap, 29, self-immolated in protest against the Chinese government at a gas station 10 km away from Shagdom Township in Zoege (Ch: Ruo’ergai) County in Ngaba Prefecture.

According to reliable sources, Kyap died in the evening of the next day, on 1 December, at a hospital in Barkham.

Monks conducting prayers and rituals at Kunchok Kyap's home
Monks conducting prayers and rituals at Kunchok Kyap’s home

Chinese authorities have returned only ashes of Kyap to his family members denying the family their right to observe religious rituals according to their cultural tradition.

Sources said many Tibetans, both lay and monastic, have been visiting Kyap’s home to offer prayer contributions and condolences.

The whereabouts of a group of Tibetan youth who went missing after they followed the local police on their way to Barkham remain unknown. The local police had taken custody of Kyap and the youths from Kyap’s village wanted to get Kyap back from the police.

Kunchok Kyap's children, ages 9 and 6
Kunchok Kyap’s children, ages 9 and 6

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