Birth control policy in Amdo

The Chinese authorities claim to have achieved good results with regard to the implementation of their birth control policy in Tso Jang (Ch: Haibei) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province.

It was reported in the Qinghai Tibetan Daily Newspaper on 8 August 1997 that, in 1996, the birth control officials succeeded in inserting contraceptive coils in 2958 women in the region. This has reportedly resulted in reducing the birth rate of the region from 86.13% to 85.73%.

The Chinese Communist Party and government officials have implemented the birth control policy in accordance with the following points:

  1. Regulation of birth control policy and economic development; implementation of research in those field; timely deciding of critical issues and problems; administration of birth control offices and policy.
  2. Strictly observing the gap between the children born and to control birth due to illiteracy of the policy.
  3. Strict enforcement and practice of the above regulations.
  4. Provision of support and guidance to poor and destitute families in advance; helping the people of the region and striving for a middle class economy by lowering the birth rate and strengthening the economic status.
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