20-year-old monk receives harsh treatment

In June, 1997, 20 monks of Gongkar Choede Monastery participated in a heated debate about the re-education session that was being held in their monastery. One of the monks, Jampel Tender exhibited his disgust by pasting posters speaking against the presence of the workteam. This resulted in him receiving severe beatings and ill treatment.

Jampel Tendar is a 20-year-old monk from Gongkar Choede monastery in Gongkar county under Lhoka region in the Tibet Autonomous Region. This monastery which is about 60 kilometers south of Lhasa consists of 78 monks. He was reportedly detained some time in June, 1997 when a 28 membered work team was carrying out the re-education session at the monastery. The work teams had been there since the past one year and the monks were being instructed to denounce the Dalai Lama and speak in support of the fact that Tibet is part of China.

The incident took place when at the night of June 16, 1997 Chinese officials called a meeting. This meeting led to a heated argument with 20 monks involved. As soon as the meeting was over, Jampel Tendar put up handwritten posters around the monastery condemning the Chinese rule and declaring support for the Dalai Lama. The posters also included a handwritten drawing of the forbidden Tibetan national flag.

This was subsequently followed by his detention at the monastery for the night. He was reportedly taken to the detention centre inTsethang in Nedong county under Lhoka region the following day after which he was again transferred to Gutsa detention centre. From the time he was initially arrested Jampel suffered and continued to receive beatings and ill-treatment. Reports indicate that he may have received administrative sentence and nothing is known whether he was given any medical care or if he is in proper health condition.

Since this incident broke out, the monks of Gongkar Choede Monastery continue to receive harsh treatment and subjected to strict scrutiny.

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